Monday, May 9, 2011

First sub-24 of 2011

One down, five to go! The first sub-24 of 2011 saw regulars Lee and Charles joined by two sub-24 virgins: Zuzanna and Xavier. It was certainly cosmopolitan with Britain, France, Poland and the USA all represented (but where were the Finns? Hint hint...)

The Bemböle meeting spot and Lee's bike

The rest of the team arrive. Note that we are still fresh at this point ;-)

Lee and Xavier didn't let their road bikes be put off by the dirt paths

Lee's photography gets all arty once we arrive

Foie-gras, saucisson and beer. Only some of our "luxury items"

Charles and his traditional finesse

Cycling = Hungry business!

Zuzanna feeling very proud of herself. She never had cycled 20 kms before...

Did I mention that a couple of us were French?

No mosquitoes yet so we enjoyed the moon-rise in peace

The magic of the sub-24...  

Charles had brought his GoPro sports video camera and got some nice footage from both rides. Give him a chance to edit it and then we'll post it on here.
Next sub-24? Friday 3rd June.
Where? Nuuksio itself this time. That's a 17 kms ride from the Bemböle Shell Station meeting spot.
A poll is already up on the blog's front page so let us know if you're coming!


  1. 20km biking, rewarded by such healthy food :D How did you eat the frogs by the way, grilled ? :D

  2. Believe it or not, despite two of us being half-French, we let the frogs live... ;-)