Monday, January 11, 2016

A wintery start to 2016

Hello all, as 2016 rolls in, Sub24 turns into its 6th year running, with an average of a trip a month since May 2011. And as winter is finally upon us, it's time to make good use of this equipment laying dormant in the closet!

Few Sub24 regulars have been focused on long distance skating the past few days, but as heavy snowfalls are scheduled for the rest of the week, it will soon be time to turn to skis. And of course bikes and walking are always an option.

For the first Sub24 of 2016 we'll stick to easily reachable locations in Helsinki.

This Saturday 16th of January.

Meeting point is Rastila metro station, 5 pm. Look for people with skis and possibly an orange pulkka.

Where to?
This post is a good example of what we might be doing: A short skiing trip over the sea ice to a nearby island to spend the night.

What to bring?
As we'll most likely venture on the frozen sea ice, Ice claws, rope and complete change of clothes in waterproof bag are compulsory!
And of course  pack as much warm clothes as you need to sustain temperatures ranging from -10°C to -15°C.

Just use this blog, the facebook page or the email if you need more details! See you on Saturday!

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