Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Salmi, 26th June 2015

Four adventurers braved the Finnish summer to ride along Kunnarlantie, Velskolantie, Lakistontie and Jokipellontie to approach Salmi from the north.

Salmen ulkoilualue has a lot to offer and we found the area busy with revellers. We settled on the quietest cooking shelter at Iso Parikas.

After a somewhat disturbed night, we left early following Reitti 2000 towards Nuuksio. A cooked breakfast at Kattila helped our tired legs over the hills of Nuuksiontie, back to Bemböle. 

The round-trip to Bemböle was about 65 km and our average speed was 17 kph, causing one puncture. Thanks to Roy, Poopy Pants and the Salainen Suomalainen for an eventful trip. 

Next month's edition will be on the last day of July, that's Friday 31st. The Hanko Hop will be on the following Friday. Hyvää kesää!


  1. Hey guys, why the night was disturbing? Can you share your experience?