Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Hints of Spring

Hello Sub24ers,

It's been close to a month now that snow has receded in Helsinki region. Another skiing season cut short by the unusual high temperatures. Luckily the sun gone missing for months is now back and it's becoming little by little less of a hassle to move the bikes around.

As last Friday if the month is this coming Friday, time to plan!
Meeting point: Bemböle, Espoo (check the map)
Time: 17.30
Direction: Let's decide the direction at the meeting at Bemböle. If the weather is OK, Porkala. If it is too stormy, we go to nearby Nuuksio.

If you're new to Sub24 activities just run a search about Porkkala on this blog, you'll find a few trip reports in different seasons.

Before we close the winter chapter for good this year, here are 3 pictures from last Month' trip to Saarilampi:

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