Sunday, November 24, 2013

Friday 29th, Pikku joulu

For the sub-24 of November (30.11.2103), the weather expectations were very low. 

But this time, we were were pleasantly surprised to have a rainless trip, with a thin layer of snow in the forest that gave a joyful look to the surroundings (and a very slippery road). 
We were indeed cheered up by the perspective of the pikkujoulu in Stenbacka and the Christmas porridge that Lee was busy preparing when the rest of the group was on its way.

Our stay in Stenbacka was as delightful as we've been used to. Sauna, a dip in the half frozen stream, roaring fire in the common room, Christmas delicacy, porridge, Abondance cheese, brandy, glögi, salmon, pineapple and much more.

While some of the bikers came back on Saturday, some stayed for the week-end in Stenbacka, happy to escape the crazy life pace of the city just before Christmas.  Stenbacka was made livelier by the visit of some more sub24-ers and the youngest of all, 1 year and 1 month; a baby already into the outdoor.

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