Monday, October 29, 2012


The cold and wet make me think of... Sub-24!

At least this Friday, whatever the weather throws at us, we have a dry place to sleep and a hot sauna to warm our frozen toes.

As mentioned before, Olivier is part of a mysterious outdoorsy club which has a cottage in Veikkola. He has arranged for us to sleep at this cottage on Friday night.

Some practical details from the man himself:

Address: Lamminpääntie, 02880 Veikkola.
No shoes inside->take some warm socks or slippers.
Sauna->take towel
Sleeping bag->quite warm. The place will be quite cold.
15 euro in cash please.
Early departure in the morning.
There is a kitchen and gas and a fireplace.
No running water though but a stream nearby.

Sounds lovely; a 15 km night ride and a sauna to look forward to!

My own timetable will find me at Bemböle Shell service station at 18:00, I'm afraid. If anyone wants to go earlier to light the sauna, please feel free. I'll make up for my late arrival by bringing beer in the space usually taken up by my tent.

Use the comments section below to arrange an earlier rendezvous or to ask any questions that you might have. Also, some people prefer Facebook.

I said this before, but...

I'll post again in a couple of days about a potential sub-24 pikkujoulu Christmas party and we can talk about it on Friday.

See you then!


  1. I'll be there, unless there's a deluge of snow or icy roads on friday.

    Olivier, can you arrange a meeting at Bemböle station a bit before - 17:00 or even 16:00 ?

  2. Hei, for how many people a 17:00 meeting at bemböle gas station is suitable?


  3. that will be 18.00 for me, joining Lee for the ride.

  4. OK, let's organize the meeting at 17:00 at bemböle. We will warm up the sauna and place for the second batch ;). There is also a departure from otaniemi area at 16:00 tto bemböle. You can ask here if somebody (new) wants my phone number. cheers

    For the second batch: follow Lamminpääntie to the north until the pavement become a sand road. On the left is the house. On the right is the sauna (hidden in trees). How simple is that?


    1. I just learn that my training day will be longer than expected. I cannot make it before 17:30 at bemböle (PRKL!). I therefore suggest we meet at 17:30 at bemböle. Sorry for the last notice.

  5. I'll be at Bemböle at 5.30. X Nick

  6. Lee, I promised you this. Here are two closely-related techniques that seem to work, unless the videos have been doctored.

    Kids, don't try this at home.