Friday, February 10, 2012

It's Oscar season... we are proud to present:

The 2012 Sub-24 Oscars

1. The award for best presentation goes to... Lee!

A man constantly in search of the most stylish yet practical solutions, whether it comes to his bike itself, its accessories, clothing and even his blog posts!

(Sorry Lee, the above pictures are not that convincing, are they? If you have better ones, please add/replace!)

2. The Sisu award goes to... Robin, Hubert, Lee and Florian

Cycling and camping by -10, now that's hard!

3. The hangover award goes to... Xavier!

This one needs only a picture as an explanation...

4. The luxury item award goes to... Charles!

Items included saucisson, foie gras, Polish honey vodka... and Zuzanna!

5. The most-fun-section-of-road-to-ride-on award goes to... Kunnarlantie

6. The most creative conversation topics award goes to... Dima!

Topics included submarines that run on potatoes, Chilean banana choppers, and his mother's ability to give the same word a 100 different meanings through creative use of intonations.

7. The Jeannie Longo award to recognise female cycling goes to... Sonja and Zuzanna!

So far, the only two women to be tough (stupid?) enough to join us!

8. The Billy Ocean award goes to... Florian (aka The Beast)!

Never before has the famous line "When the going gets tough, the tough get going" applied more suitably than to this half-man half-creature. 

So that's it for this year folks. I fully expect acceptance speeches during your next appearance at a Sub-24! 

Do you think there's a glaring omission in this list? Want to suggest your own award? Please do use the comment section to that effect!


  1. Nice !

    Would I qualify for the "most awaited yet no-show at Sub24" award ? Hurry, cause I can't get that one after this summer ;-)

  2. Ha ha yeah that's a good one. We could call it the "Finnish Summer" award. You spend your time waiting for it but it never shows up!

  3. Yeah, more stories coming this summer!


  4. Great post and good memories too! Who's getting the statue pictured?

    Scribe on a Sub 24? Probably the longest running joke of the history of sub 24s ;)

    - the Beast ;)

  5. Great memories, yes! From a perspective of a part time Sub 24-er, I wish I knew about your excapades 2 months earlier :).

    I'd definitely put under voting another award, of which the jury has perhaps forgotten:

    The Tough Rookie Award - Robin had his FIRST nightout at -10*C, now that's just bad luck!
    (of course it might not be possible to get 2 awards for the same person, even more if you're a rookie and not a seasoned crazy biker).

    Guys, thanks a lot for those few rides, it's definitely a bright spot on my Finnish memories' map!

    see you somewhere on the trail,