Saturday, August 6, 2011

Breaking boundaries

When Lee and I first decided to start this sub24 tradition, we had been hoping that the idea would catch on and so we were delighted to leave from our usual Bemböle meeting point with 8 riders! Oh was that 7? No Lee in sight, where could the co-founder be? It turned out his trusty Crescent had decided to get the mother of all punctures merely 200 meters from the Shell station and so he had to go home and pick up his mountain bike instead. Little did he know then how useful that would turn out to be...


We actually caused traffic to have to seriously slow down to overtake all 8 of us. Bike power! 

Turning off the road at Pirttimäki 

"Here, turn! Turn!" 

Simo's already had enough ;-) 

Florian "The Beast"

At the water filling station, a kind soul accepted to take a picture of the whole group. 

Florian, Nico, and Charles' helmet 

Simo seems to have recovered now! 

"Are you sure we're going the right way Lee?"

We were not and so thanks to some creative map-reading led by Florian, we redirected to a smaller lake that involved pushing the bikes on the narrowest of trails. Xavier amazed us by actually riding long portions of it on his 23mm wheeled racing bike, Charles discovered the limitations of pulling a trailer, but in the end we all got our just reward with a lovely camping site and the warmest of waters to go and jump into at the end.

So many of us that all our tents didn't even fit on a picture! 

A common Sub24 sight!

For those that stayed up for the after-party, a rather uncommon site was seem in the sky - northern lights! You're not supposed to see them in the summer, right? Well, we did. Anyone get a good photo?! If you did, please do email us at so we can put it up.

The morning after the night before. If only we were all in good enough condition to appreciate the beauty. And the ride home.

Thanks to Lee, Charles, Zuzanna, Xavier, Jussi, Simo, Florian and Nico for making this a memorable sub24 and we hope to see you again on the first Friday of September.

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