Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sub-24 Helsinki

Years reading about trips…
Inspired by an idea heard on The Bike Show, Charles and Lee met in Leppävaara and rode bicycles along Turuntie with the Friday night rush-hour traffic, past Bodom lake, through the forest, and over the hills to Nuuksio. Too much food and drink, rain and darkness made for a memorable night. A cold and wet ride home along the asphalt left us tired. And ready for the weekend to start.
One of us said “Never again!” but then, there we were, this time with friend Stu. On a kick bike. Cold and scouts didn’t stop us, and we made this promise: next year, bigger and better…



  1. Hei Guys,

    Would be great to see how did you fit the tents on bikes?
    Could you upload some photos?

    -Would like to join, but too faraway from you!

  2. Hei Stranger!

    Well Lee's solution for the tent is panier racks, as on this photo:

    I prefer a trailer, that you can just about see on this picture: (It's the yellow thing)

    Before I got a trailer, I just put it in a big backpack.

    Hope you're enjoying the blog and do feel free to join us if you're ever closer!


  3. Hi guys,
    Thanks for photo!

    For me Porkkala worked well as an overnight place. You could rent wooden boats there for surprisely low price ( Helsinki state-run place ) and go to near located islands. There are few grill places , drinking water and so on.

    From disadvantages:

    Depending on daytime, car drivers would probably hate you for something around 5-10km, because road is quite narrow .
    I never tried to get to there by byke BTW =))))

  4. And yes, I enjoyed your blog ;)